Leveraging hope from yesterday’s leaders and lessons

Before House of Charity and St. Stephen’s Human Services came together as one, we each did our part to transform lives in Minnesota. In our own unique ways, we helped people in need through housing, food, and personal stability. We’re proud of the work we’ve done individually and now we’re excited to be one united organization, universally committed to winning the fight against homelessness.

St. Stephen’s Human Services

1960s St. Stephen’s Catholic Church offers programs for the poor and homeless

1973 Kateri Residence (also Winaki House), for Native American women, opens

1981 Clinton Avenue Shelter opens

1986 Alliance of the Streets gives voice to shelter guests

1989 Handbook of the Streets is created

1993 Housing services provides longer-term solutions

1996 The birth certificate program begins

2002 St. Stephen’s Human Services becomes an independent 501(c)3

2005 A Day in the Life begins

2007 Education and advocacy programs begin

2009 zAmya Theater tells deeper stories of homelessness

2009 The Street Outreach program begins

2012 The Veterans Outreach program begins

2016 Outreach collaboration with the Minneapolis downtown library

2017 First Covenant shelter is added

House of Charity

1952 House of Charity was founded by Brother de Paul

1954 50,000+ meals served in a tiny warehouse on Nicollet Island

1955 House of Charity’s AA group held its second anniversary banquet

1957 Two new buildings become the new dormitory

1960 500 people served a holiday dinner with gifts

1969 Court Screening Committee for Alcoholics begins

1972 The Food Centre opens on Thanksgiving Day

1976 The Field House is purchased as the fourth home

1982 Brother de Paul and 300 friends celebrate 30 years

2020 Park 7 opens with 61 studio apartments


2021 House of Charity and St. Stephen’s Human Services merge

2022 Agate Housing and Services is born