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Featured Client Stories

Photo of Eric, the 16th resident to move into the Park7 apartments.

Eric’s Story

Eric’s Story “The virus has reduced a lot of the meetings around to nothing so it’s more difficult on addicted...

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Why Agate?

Do you know why we chose the name Agate? We’ve received some questions as to why we chose the name...

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Cynthia and Cinita

Cinita and her mother Cynthia first connected with Agate when they became guests at our couplesshelter at First Covenant Church,...

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Jimmy’s Story

Full Circle Sobriety: Jimmy’s Story Often, Agate is just one step in the lives and journeys of the individuals we...

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Shawn’s Story

We need your help. Every dollar you donate to Agate has deep impact in our community. The work we do...

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Jimmie’s Story

Recovery Through the Years: Jimmie’s Story Almost 10 years ago, we met Jimmie for the first time soon after he...

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