Full Circle Sobriety: Jimmy's Story

Often, Agate is just one step in the lives and journeys of the individuals we help. We are in a city filled with diverse and valuable partners with the same goal as ours: to connect individuals with the resources and programs they need.

 Jimmy’s story is exactly that!

 Jimmy struggled to stay sober from alcohol for many years and after leaving one treatment program, he came to Agate (then House of Charity) because he needed housing. He didn’t join the Day by Day Recovery Program, but the stability of having a safe place to call home and the resources provided by his case manager gave Jimmy the space to look ahead. 

 Even though he wasn’t ready to get sober, Jimmy still felt supported during his stay in our 510 housing program. He felt safe and stable enough to see a therapist. 

 After trying many different times to get sober, Jimmy decided to go to detox. 

 Jimmy shared the event that was a turning point in his work to get

“Someone came [to detox] and led an AA meeting. And at that point in my recovery, I wasn’t ready or interested in that. But she was an outreach person for Vinland National Center and I became determined that day to fight for my life and to just get better.”

And he did just that! After a two month stay at Vinland, he moved into a sober house, attended multiple meetings a week, and went to Nuway, a substance use treatment center. Jimmy said he made it his job to stay sober.

After being 10 months sober, Jimmy got a job, and then a house.

He has now been sober for almost four years and recently started a job as a Peer Recovery Coach at Kyros, our treatment partners. Jimmy’s long-term goal is to eventually become a music therapist.

We are so glad to have been just one step in Jimmy’s journey to sobriety and can’t wait to see the impact he will have in the recovery community.

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