Shannon's Story

“I honestly didn’t think it would be possible to have good times again; to laugh, to do anything. And a lot of really good stuff has come my way, a lot of good opportunities. Just lots of good stuff that I never expected.”

When Shannon met Agate, she was using drugs and living in a tent during Minnesota’s winter. 

An Agate staff person worked with her to get her stable and housed. But she was wary of authority figures because of past trauma. She had a hard time truly committing to the work. 

Then she lost her partner. She fell deeper into addiction until she overdosed and hit bottom. 

Agate staff offered her a chance to go into rehab. Shannon agreed. And then she fought. She worked incredibly hard to pick up the pieces of her life. It took a lot. Thankfully, she had support along the way. That, and her commitment to change, made all the difference. 

Shannon’s story is not unique. Nor is her resilience and strength. 

Ten years later, Shannon is doing great. She’s sober and living in a home she loves. She’s active in theater and works with Agate to educate others about the causes and experiences of homelessness. 

And, of course, she’s grateful to Agate donors – you! – for giving her a chance. A chance to find her inner strength and live a life she thought she didn’t deserve and could never achieve.

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