Do you know why we chose the name Agate?

We’ve received some questions as to why we chose the name Agate (pronounced aye-get) for our organization and want to give you the details! 

The group of individuals who worked together to choose our name was comprised of staff, A Day in the Life Community Educators and other clients with first-hand experience with housing insecurity or homelessness. It was important that our new name represented who we are, so we made sure those making the decision represent who we are. 

All staff had an opportunity to submit name suggestions, and that’s where Agate came from. We still don’t know who suggested it, but we’re glad they did! 

The committee spent hours considering a list of hundreds of name options, finally narrowing it down to Agate. 

The name resonated with them because of its tie to our home, Minnesota. The agate is synonymous with Minnesota(it’s actually our state gemstone!), just as the organization is. Agates are created under great pressure over time, resulting in individuality, strength, and beauty. Like agates, the people we serve face challenges under pressure, yet are strong, individual, and beautiful.

The beautiful lines and colors of the agate stone translate to the diversity and harmony of a community filled with people with different backgrounds and experiences working together toward one mission: to end homelessness and relieve hunger in our community. 

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