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Community Engagement

Are you ready to experience a new perspective and find out how YOU can advocate to end homelessness?

Want to request a speaker who will open up the conversation at your workplace, in your neighborhood, at your school, or in your community?

Agate has opportunities for everyone to become part of an active community around the issue of homelessness.

Get Access to 360-Knowledge – Follow the journey from homeless to housed

Agate Housing and Services hosts experiential learning sessions led by formerly unhoused Community Educators. This program is called “A Day in the Life.” The purpose of A Day in the Life is to amplify voices of those with lived-expertise as we motivate the public to
learn, engage and advocate to end homelessness in their respective communities.

covid-19 update

In addition to our in-person programming, we now offer comprehensive virtual sessions and have reached thousands of participants — including healthcare professionals, students, non-profit boards of directors, interested community members, and more– since opening this option to the public in 2020. 


have questions?

Contact our Community Organizer & In-Kind Donation Manager, Abigail Abele, at with the subject “A Day in the Life – [insert your group name, program, or organization here]” or leave a message with your inquiry at 612-715-0449.C

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Schedule your “Day in the Life” experience by visiting our virtual scheduling form.