Eric’s Story

“The virus has reduced a lot of the meetings around to nothing so it’s more difficult on addicted people currently.”

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted everyone’s lives and made life in general more difficult. But our communities experiencing substance use disorders and homelessness are the hardest hit.
One of those individuals is Eric, a current resident at our new Park7 building. We are so excited to introduce you to him because he represents years of dreaming, planning, fundraising, and construction and we’re finally here! We’ve made it to the point of experiencing the privilege of being a part of another story of an unhoused neighbor finding a home.

Eric is originally from Florida. He has an education in fitness and instruction but a severe back injury and several surgical attempts to repair the damage have left him disabled and unable to work in the profession he loves.

Illegal prescriptions from his doctor sent Eric down a path of addiction and eventually homelessness.
Eventually, he was able to get the help he needed and attend treatment. He spent several years moving between shelters and small circles of people he knew who lived on the street. He finally found some stability and the resources he needed when he moved to the Bloomington emergency shelter hotel. A connection with the veteran’s services brought him to House of Charity’s Park7 and this is how Eric describes his first visit to our building:

“I remember when I got here, Tommy the house manager, took me around and I couldn’t believe all the stuff they had prepared for me. I asked Tommy if I could have a minute in private in there and I went right over by that bed and said a prayer on my hands and knees, you know, thanking the Lord that he had given me such a blessing, I didn’t want to forget Him.”

Eric was the 16th individual to move in to Park7 and now we’ve filled more than half of the 61 units.
He’s now looking at taking some classes that will allow him to find employment. We are so glad that Park7 is now the foundation of safety and security Eric needed to begin healing and growing. And we’re so glad you were a part of that.

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